Wyndham Grand Hotel, Hotel Villa, Shuangyue Bay

Location: Huidong, Guangdong, China

Type: Hospitality

Size: 2,000 sqm/19 Keys

Design/ Completion: 2015/2018

Project team: Wang He, Lu Hancui, Mai Qi, Yang Yan


The site is located in Huidong Shuangyue Bay, where has a unique natural landscape with two sides of sea view. There also has a quaint natural fishing village.On the west of the site is the white sand beach, which stretches for a few kilometers. It has a romantic view of the sea and beautiful sunset. Also on the east is a seascape with fishing boats moored and rehabilitated.


The hotel villa has its own exclusive entrance. Through the quiet entrance landscape garden, into the winding path of the courtyard, creating a sense of luxury private feeling. Villas layout is like a natural grown fishing village, while each house can enjoy the sea view.

Considered the local subtropical ocean climate, design focuses on the integration of indoor and outdoor space. The use of fully open glass doors, to create a space extension of indoor and outdoor. An outdoor lounge chair that serves as an extension of the kitchen space and incorporates outdoor barbecue area. The outdoor pool and wood decking in the backyard are the extension of the living area. Blurred interface, creating an interesting experience of space and maximizing the sea view, creates a luxury seaside holiday experience for the hotel guests.